Professional Instruction

Private Lessons

There is no better investment into your athlete’s development than private lessons from one of our professional instructors. One-on-One sessions enable our instructors to maximize your athlete’s performance.


Great hitters are developed through training and repetition. There are certain fundamentals common to all good hitters. Our instructors can teach your athlete those fundamental building blocks and develop important tools such as approach, grip, stance, stride, and the swing. They are pros at identifiying and correcting common hitting problems.


Poor mechanics can cause pitching problems such as arm injuries and lack of control. Our instructors will teach your athlete the proper mechanics and help develop the mental toughness needed to be a great pitcher. They will cover important aspects such as arm position, wind up, stretch, strategy and pick off moves.


A catcher must be a strong leader as he is the “onfield coach”. Our instructors can help teach your athlete to fill one of the most important positions on the field. Skills covered include squat positions, signs, receiving positions of body and glove, framing, blocking, throwing and fielding the bunt or popup. Building these skills helps develop the physical and mental toughness needed to be a strong catcher.


Defense is of utmost importance to a team’s success. The ability to field and throw accurately can make the difference in the game. Errors happen but our instructors can instill the solid fundamentals and confidence needed to decrease them by working on approach, ground balls, fly balls, footwork, throwing, communication and backing up.

Semi Private Lessons (2-4 athletes)

Hitting – Catching – Fielding

Group Instruction

Team Rentals: Cages and Pitching Mounds

Beat the rain, wind, cold and heat! Bring your team into our climate controlled training facility and don’t lose out on important preparation due to weather or lack of field space.

Specialized Group Clinics and Camps

Elite provides a diverse array of clinics and camps, ranging from specialized clinics that focus on a single aspect of the game to our popular all-around skills camps that can help your player become more well-rounded.

Keep an eye on our calendar to find camp schedules.