Winter Workouts

Working on fundamental baseball skills and better overall body coordination should be the focus during winter workout season.

During the season you have enough opportunity as a player to stay in shape being on the field. It’s the off season that needs more attention. The cold weather takes its toll on your muscles, circulation and overall fitness. Plus, having to stay off the field over the long stretch of winter months makes your body more vulnerable to injury and strain when you get back in the spring season.

Winter workouts will help you maintain speed, strength, agility, and overall form. As a result, when you get back on the field for the next season, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your throwing and batting ability and speed. Your risk of injury is reduced because you have not allowed your body to “cool off” for the winter.

That said, it is equally as important to give young players time off from throwing during the winter months. Most sports medicine physicians are recommending at least 2-3 months of “no throwing” months a year. This time should be focused on increasing arm muscle strength through use of medicine balls and lighter weight training.

Repetition, repetition, repetition in the batting cage is key during winter training. This training should include proper grip, tee work, soft toss, live throw, and drills to increase bat speed.

Start now preparing for Spring to “Play Ball”!